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Policy Priorities

  • Expand Freight Transport on the Great Lakes and Exempt New Cargoes from the Federal Harbor Maintenance Tax…to foster short sea shipping as a clean alternative to our nation’s congested highways.
  • Require the Federal Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund to be Fully and Solely Used for its Intended Purpose…dredging, infrastructure, operation and maintenance of federally authorized ports.
  • Improve Access to Michigan Ports for Canadian Boaters and Foreign Cruise Ship Passengers…we will work with local, state, US Customs and Boarder protection officials to achieve this goal.
  • Promote Passenger Cruises Between Michigan Ports and other US Great Lakes Ports…opening Michigan’s Front Door to new opportunities in waterfront travel.
  • Maximize and Leverage Funding for Great Lakes Restoration and Protection…our freshwater seas define our state, provide us with clean drinking water, recreation, fishing and commerce.  We will work to increase funding to keep our air, land and water clean, restore contaminated sites and return them to productive use, protect sensitive habitat and sustain a healthy environment.
  • Position Michigan Ports to Partner in Alternative Energy Development in Michigan and the Region…renewable energy for Michigan consumers, businesses and vehicles will require our ports and transportation partners to import and export renewable energy equipment, as well as support manufacturing and maintenance of equipment and technology.
  • Advance Education and Training for Port-Related Jobs…we are working with businesses, educators and port communities to identify the port-related jobs of the future and advocate for public and private partnerships and funding to meet workforce needs.
  • Preserve and Share Michigan’s Rich Natural and Maritime Heritage...our Great Lakes and freshwater shoreline offer unparalleled opportunities for recreation, tourism and experience authentic maritime history.  Additional State and Federal incentives and funding are essential to showcase Michigan’s unique and spleen did assets, state and national parks, shipwreck preservers, lighthouses and historic places.
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